Elastic wristband

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Flexible hairbands are a gadget ideally suited to company promotion, brand identification, or events. The bands can be personalized freely, which makes them a very universal advertising medium.

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Flexible hairband with branding

The elastic hairband is a gadget ideally suited to company promotion, brand identification or events. The bands can be personalized freely, which makes them a very universal advertising medium.

Flexible hairbands are a promotional gadget that combines functionality with the ability to advertise a brand or event. At Lanyards Group, we offer a wide range of flexible bands with lots of personalization options.

Here is some information about such bands:

    1. Advertising hairbands can be easily adapted to the individual needs of the advertiser. You can put a logo, company name, advertising slogan or graphics related to the promoted product or event on them.
    2. Flexible hairbands are very durable, so they can be worn many times. This means that the advertisement will be visible for a long time, thus contributing to greater brand awareness.
    3. Hairbands are often used at concerts, festivals, sporting events or conferences as an identification element. Adding the logo or name of the event on the band makes it a valuable souvenir for participants, and also builds brand awareness.
    4. Event hairtbands are available in a wide range of colors, which makes it possible to match them to the visual identity of the company or event. This allows you to create a coherent brand image.
    5. Advertising hairbands can be used by various target groups, from children to adults. They can perform the identification function, promote belonging to a specific group or serve as advertising gadgets.
    6. Thanks to stapling the bands, not binding, they are perfect as wristbands.

Flexible hairband is an ideal marketing tool

Flexible hairbands are an effective promotion tool that not only pays attention to the brand, but also acts as a practical item that users can wear and use daily. It is worth noting that we do not tie the band, but sew it with a special technique. It gives them a more professional and elegant look. In this way, we have improved the technology of making popular hairbands “twistband ”, i.e., rubber bands tied with a wick. Of course, it is also possible to order traditional  “twistband” elastics with a wick bond.

Features of elastic band / hairbands:

  • safe for hair because it has no hard, metal or plastic elements,
  • very flexible, thanks to which it does not squeeze tightly in the case of tightly tied pony or coca,
  • does not hook clothes when removing,
  • ideal for shortening hair during physical activity (e.g., at the) gym and sleep,
  • fully personalized — thanks to the possibility of applying any print (logo, text, graphics),
  • the print can be single or double-sided,
  • great for hen parties, birthdays, “baby shower” or other occasions.


Belt width: 20 mm,

Standard belt length before sewing: ~ 250 mm,

Standard length of sewn / folded eraser: ~ 120 mm.

Increase the visibility of your brand thanks to flexible advertising hairbands! Personalized with your logo, it will be a practical promotional gadget. Use them at events, conferences or as a gift for customers, highlighting your professionalism and standing out from the competition.  Also check out other bands from our offer, as well as other gifts and advertising gifts.

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