Face masks

Printing masks are a great advertising gadget and can serve many purposes. These are unique, practical products that can help promote branding, build awareness, and visual identity. They offer many personalization options. Masks with company printing are available in various styles, materials, and shapes, which allows them to be tailored to individual preferences and brand needs.

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Showing all 3 results

Masks with a personalized print

Advertising printed masks may include a logo, company name, slogan, internet address, contact details or other graphics and information that will help identify the brand. There are many printing methods, such as screen printing, digital printing or thermal transfer. These methods allow for precise and permanent application of graphics to masks.

Masks with company print can be distributed at events, conferences, fairs and other events as a souvenir or identification element. They may contain the date, name of the event or theme, which is an attractive way to remember the event.

Advertising printed masks can be worn by employees in the workplace, customers or at company events. This allows you to promote the brand and increase awareness of its existence. The print on the mask may contain a logo, slogan or other characteristic elements related to the brand.

Types of masks with print

Before deciding to buy masks, it is worth choosing one of the types, preferably one that will suit individual needs.

  • Single-layer masks: These are simple masks, usually made of soft and breathable material such as cotton. The print is applied to the front of the mask, which allows you to display the logotype, slogan or other graphic elements.
  • Multilayer masks: Multilayer masks are more technologically advanced and provide greater protection. They consist of several layers of material, often including an outer layer with the possibility of printing. This type of mask offers greater personalization options, and printing can include both graphic elements and brand information.
  • Filter masks: This type of mask is designed to provide even greater protection. They have special filter pockets that can be replaced. A company print can be placed on the outside of the mask, which will be visible even after inserting the filter.

To sum up, face masks with company printing are a practical and effective advertising gadget that allows you to promote the brand, build awareness and stand out in the crowd. These are marketing products that combine the practicality of a protective mask with the possibilities of brand promotion.

It is important to remember when using printed masks to comply with health care recommendations and guidelines, such as proper washing and disinfection of masks and frequent replacement.

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