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Advertising cups are one of the most popular promotional gadgets for companies operating in virtually all industries. They work not only as gifts for regular customers, key business partners, and new contractors. They are also an ideal gift for employees, so you can also build your image.

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Showing all 6 results

Printed cups are a popular and effective way to promote companies, brands, and events. These are cups that can be personalized by placing a logotype, graphics, text, or other graphic elements related to the promoted message on them.

Printed mugs and cups are available in different versions, depending on the material, shape, capacity, and style. The Lanyards Group offers many categories of printed cups that we personalize for our customers. It is worth noting that original cups will always be a good promotional channel.

What printed mugs should you choose?

The most popular are ceramic cups, which can be made in a variety of colors and designs. These are the most-chosen cups because ceramics are a material that can be branded in any way.

For very demanding customers, focusing on durability and elegance, cups made of high-quality porcelain will be perfect. Perfect for offices, presentations, or gifts for business partners.

For more practicality, metal thermal cups with prints are intended. Thermal cups made of stainless steel or aluminum ensure long-term maintenance of the drink’s temperature. Perfect for travel and an active lifestyle.

Transparent glass cups are not so popular, but they are very effective. In addition, they are very elegant, and the print on the glass creates a unique visual effect.

Mugs with a characteristic rustic style are enameled cups, i.e., cups made of metal covered with enamel. They are durable, light, and popular with outdoor coffee lovers.

The last proposition from the Lanyards Group is cups made of durable plastic that are light and practical. Often used at outdoor events, in schools, or by catering companies.

No doubt, printed cups are not just practical everyday items. It is also an effective advertising tool that allows you to reach a wide audience and increase brand recognition.

Printed cups are an excellent promotional tool for your company. We offer ceramic, thermal metal, glass, and plastic cups with a personalized print. Increase brand recognition with practical and stylish cups with your logo. Order now!

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