Lanyard accessories

Advertising leashes are probably the most popular promotional gadgets that can be used for various purposes, e.g. at conferences, fairs, sporting events or as part of a marketing campaign. There are many accessories that can be added to the advertising leash to make them more functional or attractive to recipients.

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Showing all 11 results

Lanyard accessories

Accessories for advertising leashes can strengthen their functionality and attractiveness. In this way, they become an excellent tool for promoting a company or organization. At Lanyards Group, we care very much for the careful workmanship and high quality of materials.

A rifle

A carabiner is a small but very useful element that can be attached to a leash, allowing you to easily and quickly attach keys, key rings, IDs, or other small items.

Four types of carabiners are available at the Lanyards Group: crab, fish, smurf and crocodile. The first three are available in four sizes, while the carabiner crocodile in three. They are all made of metal.

Safety snippets for lanyards

Safety scams are elements that can be placed on a leash to reduce the risk of accidents. If a third party or machine accidentally pulls the leash, it will automatically break from the neck. Available in four sizes. Made of high-quality plastic.

Leash clips / fittings

Fasteners are metal or plastic clamps that allow you to quickly remove and attach the leash, which is especially useful for leashes worn by working people.

Lanyards wheels

Metal wheels are a classic addition to keys and short leashes (key rings). Available in 5 sizes.

Accessories for advertising leashes are necessary elements that allow you to improve and adapt the leash to the needs of a particular customer. In this way, they will become an excellent tool for promoting a company or organization.

Lanyard accessories allow you to improve and adapt the leash to customer needs. Accessories include buckles, carabiners, pendants, connectors. Thanks to them, advertising leashes gain greater functionality. In this way, they can become a splendid tool for promoting a company or organization.

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