Custom logo lanyards will prove themselves well during fairs, conferences, and other industry events. As it is a minimalist, stylish accessory, it suits perfectly to an elegant outfit.

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Showing 1–12 of 40 results

Advertising logo lanyards

Advertising lanyards with a print are an important element of a modern company’s identity. The aesthetic design of the business accessory, which can be attached to a company badge, evokes an impression of professionalism and consistency both inside and outside the company.

Design your own lanyard

The big advantage of printed advertising lanyards is that they are made of various materials. Paper and polyester lanyards, woven and rope lanyards, satin, and nylon lanyards – choosing the right types of designer lanyards will make them look unique. As prints on personalized lanyards can be made in various techniques, they will additionally gain originality.

Top quality advertising lanyards

Some printed key lanyards are not of high quality. Easily disintegrating carabiners, an inaccurately printed surface, and the low durability of the material are something we do not tolerate. By ordering a custom lanyard with your inscription, you get a guarantee that you will receive a top quality business accessory that will remain functional for many years.

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