Reflective wristband

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Advertising reflective wristbands are a great way to promote your brand and at the same time increase the safety of users who wear them. These bands are made of reflective materials that reflect light, which allows better visibility in low light conditions.

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Reflective Handbands

Wearing reflective wristbands is a good way to show off your company and make people feel safer while wearing them. The bands are made of reflective materials that reflect light, which allows better visibility in low light conditions. Inside there is a spring plate that allows you to put the band on vigorously with your wrist, arm, or ankle. Reflective bands have many advantages for both users and companies advertising their brands. Here are some of them:

  1. Brand reinforcement: Reflective wristbands can be personalized with the logo and company name, which allows effective brand strengthening. Wearing bands when moving around in public places makes the logo visible to others, which helps boost brand recognition and gets people talking about it.
  2. Security promotion: The use of advertising reflective wristbands is not only brand promotion, but also safety promotion. Headbands are most often distributed during events, educational campaigns or as part of CSR activities. Thanks to this, the company can actively help and emphasize the importance of road safety.
  3. Practicality and usability: Advertising reflective wristbands are practical gadgets that are useful to recipients. They can be worn during various outdoor activities such as running, cycling, walking and hiking. In this way, the brand is present in practical and everyday situations, which increases the utility value of the bands.
  4. A wide range of promotions: Advertising reflective wristbands have the potential to reach a wide audience. These are perfect advertising gifts at sporting events, festivals, conferences, schools, charity organizations and many other places. This gives you the opportunity to reach various social groups and generate greater brand visibility.
  5. Balanced selection: Advertising reflective wristbands can be made of environmentally friendly materials such as recycled plastics. By choosing ecological options, the company can emphasize its commitment to environmental protection and attract ecologically aware customers.

Personalized reflective wristbands

Personalization of reflective bands makes them also effective mobile advertising media. By wearing them on the wrist or shoulder, the user promotes the brand and at the same time strengthens safety. More importantly, you should select reflective bands that are manufactured in accordance with the relevant safety standards and standards. The Lanyards Group meets all these requirements.


Material: reflective PVC film, velour bottom layer,

Belt width: 30 cm x 3 cm.

*Stripes are available in different colors. It is possible to print on the surface of the band by tampography.

Increase the visibility of your brand and promote security! Reflective wristbands are an excellent promotional gadget that you can personalize. Use reflective bands for events, sporting events or as gifts for customers, emphasizing concern for their safety, while building awareness of your brand. Check out our offer for personalized advertising gadgets for your company.

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