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Welcome set — Welcome set is not only an effective medium for company identification but also a great gift for a new employee. We give him something that will accompany him in everyday life, reminding us of our company and shared values.

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Gift Box — welcome kit for a new employee

Welcome Set for a new employee is the perfect gift in the form of a high-class Gift Box, filled with practical and necessary company gadgets. We designed our Set for new employees. These are unique products that will help with everyday tasks and at the same time, emphasize belonging to the company.

A great Gift Box full of practical and necessary company gadgets is waiting for you!

Why should you opt for our welcome kit?

  1. Our items were carefully selected based on the list of promotional gadgets most frequently chosen and bought by companies. So a new employee will receive things that are both practical and desirable.
  2. By giving this welcome kit, we provide new employees with the feeling that they are important to us and that we want them to feel taken care of from their first days in the company.
  3. Our Gift Box is a great way to tie a new employee with a company identity. With our company logo on each product, the employee will be able to proudly represent our brand.
  4. We packed all the items into a flat and practical cardboard box made of recycled cardboard. We not only care about the environment but also facilitate transport and storage.
  5. The value of products bought together is much lower than that of those purchased separately. This is not just savings for the company but also a great opportunity for a new employee.

Gift Box for a new employee. A selection of practical and stylish products. Here’s what we offer:

  1. Mouse pad — presentation of the company logo in a modern way.
  2. Tubular key ring — designer key ring is ideal as a key or backpack decoration, adding a hint of elegance with our logo.
  3. Key rings made of vegan leather — an ethical and stylish alternative for skin lovers.
  4. Hair elastic — hair elastic with logo is a practical gadget for every day.
  5. Glasses cloth — soft and delicate cloth with a logo will provide a perfect view of your future in the company.
  6. Chimney — pleasant warmth on cooler days.
  7. The rPET leash with — leash made of recycled rPET material is a socially responsible choice.
  8. Shoelaces — durable shoelaces with a logo that will give them a unique character.
  9. Leash for a mobile phone — comfortable leash for the phone.

To sum up, our Welcome Set is an excellent investment in your convenience and a positive relationship between new employees and the company.  What’s more, it’s all wrapped in a flat and practical cardboard box measuring 23 × 20 × 7 cm from recycled cardboard.

🎁 🏢 Gift Box — Open the door to success! 💼 💼 With our Welcome Set, every employee will feel special in the new workplace! 🌟 🤝

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