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Printed advertising pads are an effective promotional tool for companies. Personalized pads with a logo, company name, or advertising graphics. Discover the advantages and possibilities of printed advertising pads. Effective brand promotion on customer desks.

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Showing all 2 results

Advertising pads and coasters

Printed advertising pads are personalized gadgets with a logo, company name, contact information, or any other graphic advertising theme. Most often, they are made of materials such as rubber, cork, neoprene, fabric, or laminated paper sheets.

Advertising pads have many advantages. First, they are practical because they provide space to place a cup, computer mouse, or other object on the desk. Secondly, they are an excellent medium of advertising because, most typically, they are in a visible place. In addition, they are used for long hours each day, which further increases the likelihood of brand fixation.

Printing on advertising pads is carried out using various techniques such as screen printing, digital printing or sublimation. Thanks to this, you can achieve high graphic quality and durability in printing.

Printed advertising pads are frequently used as gifts for customers, promotional materials at fairs, gifts for employees, or as part of the company’s office equipment. They attract attention, build brand awareness, and strengthen the positive image of the company. Printed advertising pads are an effective promotional tool for companies. Personalized with the logo, company name, or advertising graphics, they are practical and allow you to build brand awareness.

Advertising pad for a cup:

A cup pad, as well as a glass or cup, is a practical and functional advertising gadget. It is made of high-quality materials that guarantee its durability. The surface of the cup pad is ideal for placing a print with a logo, an advertising slogan, or other information about your company. Thanks to this, anyone who uses the washer will always have your brand at hand. The cup pad protects the table surface from stains, scratches, and liquid falls. It is a practical and aesthetic element of the office that attracts the attention of users and positively affects the recognition of your brand.

Mouse advertising pad for the computer:

The mouse pad is an irreplaceable gadget for everyone who spends a lot of time in front of the computer. Made of smooth, high-quality material that ensures smooth movement of the mouse. The surface of the mouse pad is ideal for placing a print with your logo, contact information, or any graphics that you want to promote. The mouse pad also protects the desk surface from scratches and provides a stable base for the mouse. It is practical and convenient to use, and is an excellent advertising space for your brand.

Both types of advertising coasters and pads are splendid marketing tools that allow you to promote your brand on the desks of customers, business partners, and employees. By printing your logo or other information, advertising pads are an effective way to build brand recognition, raise awareness, and maintain long-term customer relationships.

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