Disinfection accessories

Disinfection accessories are particularly popular nowadays when maintaining hygiene is a priority. Why not use them as an advertising medium? Containers, bands, dispensers, and leashes with a bottle of liquid are practical and stylish gadgets that contribute to promoting health and safety. They can be used in various places, such as offices, shops, restaurants, company events, and and mass events where hygiene is important.

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Showing all 3 results

Disinfecting accessories are not only practical in everyday life. They can be personalized by advertising printing, which allows you to promote the brand, logo, slogan, or other graphics related to the company. They provide effective advertising gadgets that help build brand awareness and visual identity.

Band with gel capsule with logo

The capsule band for disinfecting gel is an innovative and practical disinfection gadget that is perfect for advertising printing. This special band is designed with a chamber or capsule in which the disinfectant gel can be stored. It allows you to promote the brand, build awareness, and take care of your health at the same time.

Personalizing the band with advertising print gives you the opportunity to promote the brand, logo, slogan or other graphics related to the company. The advertising print can be placed on the outside of the band, ensuring visibility and effective promotion of the brand in everyday use.

Leash with a bottle elastic

A leash with an elastic band and a bottle is a convenient and portable solution that allows you to always carry disinfectant with you. The rubber on the leash holds a bottle of liquid, ensuring a safe and easy transfer. The leash can be worn around the neck or hung on a bag or backpack, making the disinfectant easily available when traveling, at work, or on a walk.

Personalizing the leash with advertising printing gives you the opportunity to promote the brand, logo, slogan, or other graphics related to the company. It is also an excellent product for distribution at company events, conferences or as a gift for customers.

In summary, disinfection advertising accessories are ideal for corporate events, conferences, as gifts for customers, or as employee identification elements. Thanks to advertising printing, they are effective tools for building awareness and visual identity of the company. They not only provide hygiene but also provide an effective marketing tool nowadays, when caring for safety and health is crucial.

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