An advertising band with a logo is a great way to promote a company, brand, or event. Such a band may have a logo or company name printed on the entire surface or on the selected part. This popular gadget is most often used at events, conferences, fairs, or other promotional events, but also as a gadget for company employees or clients.

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Showing all 9 results

Handbands with print

The wristband with print is next to the advertising leash, the most frequently chosen promotional gadget. Most often used for marketing purposes, at events, concerts or corporate events. Their main characteristic feature is the ability to personalize by adding a print with a logo, password, or other advertising pattern.

Thanks to their visibility on the hands, printing wristbands attract attention and enable effective promotion of the brand, company, or organization. These gadgets, which are very popular with customers, can be worn every day, increasing brand recognition. It is worth remembering that the quality and attractiveness of the design are crucial in shaping the positive image of the company or the event it promotes.

The printing techniques used on the bands are screen printing, thermal transfer and sublimation. Thanks to them, you can get durable and abrasion resistant prints in high quality.

Hand-held ecological band

Organic wristbands are advertising products that have been made of environmentally friendly materials such as organic cotton, hemp and recycled materials. Undoubtedly, this type of band is the perfect choice for companies and organizations that want to emphasize their commitment to environmental protection.

Reflective Handband

Reflective bands are accessories that increase visibility in low light conditions, which aims to improve safety. Light-reflecting fabrics make the wearer more visible, making them more appealing to eye-catching individuals. Great for educational events or events organized by the police or fire brigade.

Elastic Handband

Flexible bands are a popular gadget that is comfortable to wear and can be used for various types of events such as concerts, events, or conferences. Headbands of this type are usually made of soft, flexible material that easily adapts to the size of the wrist.

Paper Headband

Paper bands are gaining more and more popularity, mainly due to their ecological properties. Typically made of paper or cigarette-like material, which makes them environmentally friendly and can be recycled.

Hand Polyester Headband

Polyester bands are popular advertising gadgets for which polyester is used. The flexibility of the polyester allows you to easily adjust the band to different sizes of the wrist or arm. This material is flexible, which ensures comfortable wearing and prevents pressure or discomfort. Thanks to this, polyester bands are suitable for different audiences.

Satin Handband

Satin bands are elegant and stylish gadgets that are used in many situations. Its soft and shiny material makes it the perfect choice for those who want to add a note of luxury and uniqueness to their decor.

Hand Silicone Headband

Silicone bands are the most popular type of band. It is worth noting that silicone is a very flexible and durable material, thanks to which the bands are easy to use and can be worn for a long time.

Vinyl Handband

Vinyl bands are a cheap and durable alternative to other types of bands. Thanks to resistance to damage and ease of cleaning, the vinyl band will keep its attractiveness for a long time, providing the user with satisfaction and convenience of wearing.

Jacquard Hand Band

Jacquard bands are fashionable and elegant gadgets that are ideal for use at various events, such as conferences, fairs and business meetings. The use of high-quality jacquard material makes them durable and resistant to damage.

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