Fabric, jacquard or silicone wristbands are a discreet accessory that allows you to diversify your style.

Showing all 10 results

Showing all 10 results

Personalized wristbands

The possibility of placing your print on the custom wristband not only adds a festival’s charm, but also makes it look unique.

Company wristbands

Neon wristbands, reflective bands or sublimation bands are also great for the office. The possibility of placing any symbols, information or markings on the business accessory makes them aesthetic and functional. Most importantly, the neon wristbands remain visible in all conditions.

Paper wristbands

Paper wristbands are an ecological accessory in an attractive edition. Wearing it daily is an effective way of expressing your support for the global environmental movement, declaring your concern for environmental protection. Despite the ecological technology of production, the paper wristbands remain durable and resistant to damage.

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