Belts and suspenders

Straps and advertising suspenders printed with ” - effective promotional gadgets for your brand. Practical and reusable, ideal for events, sporting events and festivals, but also to wear every day. Customize colors, designs and print to visual identity of the brand. Contact our sales department and personalize your gadget.

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Showing all 2 results

Advertising belts and suspenders

Belts and suspenders with print are popular promotional products used by companies to promote their brand or product. Individually designed suspenders are worn on the shoulders or on the back, usually with the logo, name or advertising message placed on them. In turn, trouser belts are fashionable accessories that combine an elegant look with practical application.

The Lanyards Group offers both men’s and women’s trouser belts that we can personalize for your business. Accessories will definitely be an interesting advertising gift for contractors or potential customers.

Printed suspenders

Advertising suspenders have recently become increasingly popular. This gadget can not only have different shapes, colors and sizes, but also can be made of various materials such as nylon, polyester, synthetic leather and reflective materials. Everything can be personalized depending on the company’s preferences and purpose of advertising. A person wearing such suspenders becomes a portable carrier of brand. They can be worn at events, fairs, festivals, concerts, in shops, on the street, etc., which allows you to reach a wide auditorium.

The straps with individual printing are made of durable materials, which makes them durable and can be used many times. They can be practical for various target groups such as employees, volunteers, event participants etc. The large logo or advertising inscription on the suspenders attracts attention and allows the brand to stand out in the crowd. This can help build brand awareness and increase recognition.

Advertising straps can be customized in terms of design, color and content to suit the individual needs of the company. You can put a logo, website address, advertising slogan or any other information to be promoted on them.

The most popular options are placing the logo on the front of the harness, shoulder strap or back. The readability and visibility of the logo should be taken into account to ensure maximum advertising effect. It is important to choose colors that are consistent with the company’s visual identity and ensure good readability of the logo. Patterns such as belts or gradients can also add an interesting visual effect.

It is worth noting that there are many different harness styles that can be adapted to the individual needs of the company. You can choose classic shoulder straps, back straps or „ Y ” straps. You should also consider the color and material of the harness to match the brand’s visual identity.

Braces with a company logo can be an effective promotional tool that allows you to increase brand awareness and attract customer attention. It is worth carefully designing and choosing braces that will represent the company in the best way.

Printed strips

The advertising belt for pants with print is a practical and stylish advertising gadget that can be worn by customers on a daily basis, thus promoting your brand.

Trouser straps can be made of a variety of materials such as synthetic leather, nylon, polyester and elastic fabrics. Choose a material that is durable, comfortable and corresponds to the aesthetics of your brand.

The situation is similar when choosing a print. It may include a company logo, company name as well as an advertising slogan, website address or other promotional information.

It is important that the print is clear and clearly visible on the belt. Therefore, the next step is to choose a color that matches the visual identification of the brand. You can also use patterns, belts, gradients or other elements that will add visual attractiveness. It is important to keep the contrast between the color of the strap and the print so that the information is easily legible.

It is also important to adjust the advertising bar in terms of length adjustment so that it fits different sizes of pants. The use of a convenient and easy-to-use adjustment mechanism allows easy adjustment.

The advertising belt for pants with print is a great way to promote the brand in everyday situations. It will not only be a practical element of the wardrobe, but also an effective advertising medium that will certainly attract attention.

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