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Printed IDs are the perfect solution to identify and promote your business. These gadgets are not only functional but also an effective marketing tool. Choose the right type of ID that best suits your needs, and remember to be consistent with your advertising ID and brand image.

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Showing all 4 results

Case and Holders for ID

The ID case for companies is a practical, most often personalized product that is used to store and carry employee IDs, as well as those of participants in events and conferences.

The case should ensure safe storage of identifiers, protecting them from damage, loss, or theft. At Lanyards Group, we offer a case with appropriate security features such as a latch, zipper, or Velcro.

Functionality above all. The case should be practical and convenient to use. It may contain additional pockets or compartments for payment cards, pens, and other small items.

The ID case can be personalized according to the company’s image. It is worth using this option to place the logo, company name, slogan, or other graphics that represent the brand. This allows you to stand out and build brand recognition among employees and customers.

An important element is the choice of a durable and damage-resistant material. It can be plastic, leather, nylon or fabric. Equally essential is proper attachment. It can be a neck strap that allows you to conveniently wear an ID at chest height or a clip to attach to a belt, pocket, or piece of clothing.

The company ID case should be practical, durable, and represent the brand in a manner consistent with other advertising materials. Ensuring convenient and secure storage of employee IDs contributes to the professional image of the company.

Ensure the safety and professional image of your company thanks to the case and holders for ID. A personalized holder is a practical solution that protects employee IDs and at the same time, promotes the brand. Discover the various options for the ID case and stand out in the crowd.

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