Accessories for clothing

Advertising accessories for clothing are products that are used to promote and identify the brand on clothes. At Lanyards Group, we offer personalized advertising accessories for clothing that can be adapted in shape, color, and design to the individual needs and preferences of the brand.

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Showing all 5 results

Printed clothing accessories

Clothing accessories are essential elements that complement and emphasize the style of corporate clothes. They offer both functionality and aesthetics, enabling full branding, personalization, and individualization of the outfit. Examples of advertising accessories for clothing at Lanyards Group are:

  • Tags,
  • Laces,
  • Sashes.

The above advertising accessories can be used by companies, organizations, sports teams, or other groups to stand out and promote their brand through clothing.

Printed tags

The labels printed with the company logo are popular advertising accessories for clothing. Pinned or sewn into clothes, and are used to identify the brand, which immediately adds a professional look. The tags can be made of a variety of materials, such as fabric, synthetic leather, or rubber. Most often, they have a company logo, name, internet address, or other contact information.

When ordering tags printed with the company logo, there are many personalization options, such as choosing shape, color, size, font, and graphics style. You can also customize the tags in terms of durability, e.g., by picking waterproof or abrasion-resistant materials.

Tags are a great way to promote the brand because they are visible to customers when wearing clothing. They are widely used in the clothing industry, including the production of clothes, fashion accessories, and work clothing.

Printed laces

Laces are attractive advertising accessories for footwear. A print with a company logo or other graphic motif can additionally distinguish the brand and attract the attention of customers.

Laces are not only a very functional gadget, but also an interesting design detail for shoes and hoodies. They can be used as a promotional element at fairs, sporting events, or as part of a gift set for customers.

Printed laces are made of strong materials such as polyester, nylon or cotton. Available in different lengths and widths to match different types of footwear. When ordering, you can customize many details, such as string color, print color, pattern, font, and contact information. This allows you to create personalized laces that match the brand’s image.

What’s more, laces with the company logo are often used for charity or as advertising gadgets that increase brand awareness and promote the company’s social values.

Printed sashes

Advertising sashes are popular marketing accessories. These are very universal gadgets, the possibilities of which cannot be counted. You can print the company logo, advertising inscription, or pattern that will make the brand stand out and attract the attention of customers. In addition, they can be given different shapes, sizes, and colors, depending on your preferences. Most commonly, they are made of high-quality materials such as satin, silk, or organza.

Sashes are a great way to promote the brand. When a brand is visible on sashes, it can attract the attention of event participants, making the logo and company name easily recognizable. It is also an opportunity to display the values presented by the company. Advertising sashes attract attention and distinguish brands at various events. Their personalization and variety of options make them excellent promotional tools that help build brand awareness and increase its recognition.

To sum up, accessories for advertising clothing are effective tools for brand promotion. Style, quality, and excellence — Lanyards Group.

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