Multifunctional scarf

Promote the brand in a stylish way with our chimneys and advertising scarves printed. Customize your company's visual identity accessories by placing your logo, name, or slogan. Order now and stand out from the competition by creating a permanent connection with the brand.

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Showing all 4 results

Advertising scarves and textil chimneys

Scarves and textil chimneys – liven up your style and express your brand with personalized textile chimneys and scarves printed by the Lanyards Group. They will not only add a stylish look, but also make your brand stand out in the crowd. Add a logo, company name, or unique design to make these marketing gifts a mobile advertising medium. Let your image promote itself and attract the attention of customers.

Printed scarves

Printing advertising scarves is a great way to promote branding at various sporting events, especially at stadiums, but also during the colder months. They offer many personalization options and are practical gadgets that can be worn by both company employees and customers.

Advertising scarves are usually made of polyester because this material can be printed in full color. They are more universal. Scarves made of soft and warm materials such as acrylic, wool, or wool blends are also very popular.

The company logo, brand name, advertising slogan, or any other print that is legible, clearly visible, and corresponding to the visual identity can be placed on the advertising scarf. It is important to match the scarf colors to the brand colors to maintain the consistency of the message. You can also consider using patterns, belts, gradients, or other visual elements that will add attractiveness and catch your eye.

Advertising scarves are available in a variety of sizes and styles. You can choose a traditional, rectangular scarf or something more innovative, such as a chimney. Consider your target group’s preferences and scarf functionality. Printed scarves are not only a practical item, but also an effective advertising medium that is extremely visible, contributing to building awareness of business promotion.

Textile chimneys with print

Chimneys, also called multi-functional scarves or tubes, are popular advertising accessories used in the clothing industry. Made of flexible material, such as microfiber or polyester, they may have a company logo, pattern, or other graphic elements printed.

Advertising chimneys have many uses. They can be worn as just chimneys on the neck, headgear, wristbands, or shoulders. That is why they are very popular among athletes and participants in outdoor events. They can be used at various events, such as marathons, concerts, fairs and festivals, as practical and visible brand promotion tools.

Chimneys are a very effective marketing tool that not only promotes brands, but also provides users with practical benefits and comfort when worn. When ordering advertising chimneys, there are many personalization options, such as choosing a color, pattern, font, and placing the company logo. You can also adjust the size and length of the chimney to suit your individual preferences and needs.

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