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Sewing leashes is a good way to increase brand recognition and build a positive company image. The technique of making sewn leashes is based on the process of applying patches on the leash material itself. These products are very durable and resistant to damage. At Lanyards Group, we specialize in personalizing these leashes.

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Sewn lanyards

Sewn leashes are very popular marketing gadgets. Most often they are used at various types of events, conferences, fairs or as gifts for clients. These are leashes on which the logo or other identification elements of the company are placed, such as the name or slogan.

Advertising lanyards are usually made of high-quality materials such as nylon, polyester or cotton, which ensures durability and durability of the product. It is worth noting that sewn models are more resistant to damage than printed leashes. They can have different widths and lengths, depending on your preferences and application. An advertising patch is placed on the leash, which has the company logo, brand name or other advertising message.

String patches can be made using embroidery, sublimation, or printing. Embroidery is one of the most durable methods, it gives the impression of elegance and high quality. It is also slightly pricier. Sublimation involves applying the image to a special paper, which is then placed on the leash by heating. Printing is a cheaper option, but it can be less durable than embroidery or sublimation.

Embroidered patches are made using special machines that create a 3D effect. Advertising leashes can be personalized in many ways. You can choose the colour of the leash, patches, and add additional elements such as clips, carabiners, or key ring hooks. You can also add subtitles or numbering on a lanyard.

How do we create lanyards sewn in the Lanyards Group?

The technique of making sewn lanyards is based on the process of applying patches on the leash material itself. Staples can be made of various materials such as fabric, felt or elastic bands. They can have different shapes, colors and designs that will meet customer requirements. To create a leash sewn on advertising, first prepare the material of the leash. Usually, it is a narrow tape made of fabric, polyester, or nylon. Then, patches are placed on the tape, which are attached with a special machine called a computer embroidery machine. The process of sewing an advertising leash is very precise and requires the use of specialized equipment. Thanks to this, you can get a very solid, thorough punctual and aesthetic effect.

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