Custom Sports Headband

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If you are a sports lover and have long hair, you surely know that hair falling all over your face can be annoying. Physical activity at home, in a sports hall, or outdoors can ruin even the most carefully styled hairstyle. Sports professionals who willingly use elastic headbands know this very well. Take an example from them and get more comfort in sports.

Sports Hair Band

Since the sports headband has a flexible structure, it will easily adapt to any head shape. By keeping the hair in one place, it will not put too much pressure on your temples. The sports headband allows both to keep the hair stable on your head and to tie it in a ponytail. Since the hair band is made of durable material, you can be sure that it will not break easily. Instead of using cheaper competitors’ products, choose a product that will last for years.

Sports Headband Properties:

  • Flexible polyester/rubber,
  • Any print in full color (sublimation),
  • Effective advertising medium,
  • Tape 20, 25, or 30 cm wide.
  • Diameter Ø approx. 14 cm (it is possible to change the size on customer’s request),
  • Stretchy, hair-friendly fabric.

Custom Headband

A flexible headband for exercises is not only functional but also a stylish gadget that works great as an element of a sports outfit. Do you like to dress in a sporty style? Start wearing it every day and get an original, modern look.

As you can place any print on it, the custom hair band will also allow you to promote your company in an intriguing, unusual way. Are you participating in a sports event or exercising at the company’s gym? Start using a headband with a company logo and attract customers’ attention. Are your employees eager to engage in other sports? A headband with brand colors and the company’s slogan is an unconventional idea for a gift that you can give them.

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