Najlepsze gadżety reklamowe dla firm na konferencje, eventy i wydarzenia. Mozliwość pełnej personalizacji.

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There are many advertising gadgets to promote your business successfully. The possibility of decorating them with personalized prints, logos, slogans, or other graphic designs, allows you to use them to gain the interest of new customers. Despite their diversity, promotional items can be divided into several basic types. Get to know the best products to promote your company and see what their greatest advantages are.

smycze reklamowe z nadrukami w firmie

5 advertising lanyards business functions you may not have known about

Advertising lanyards with prints are now an indispensable element of the brand identity. Business accessories are also great at fairs and conferences, in hospitals, cultural institutions, schools, and construction sites. Find out more about 5 custom lanyards functions that you might not have known about.

Dziewczyna ze smyczą reklamową

Custom advertising lanyards: 7 things you need to know

Once you’ve decided to buy promotional lanyards for your company, there are still a few things to consider. What material should they be made of, what should the buckle be, and what technique print techniques are the best? To answer these questions, we’ve collected 7 things you need to know about custom lanyards in one article.

Jak zamówić smycz reklamową z własnym nadrukiem?

How to order an advertising lanyard with your print?

If you’ve ever attended a business fair or industry conference, you’ve certainly noticed that many attendees have original business lanyards. Personalized advertising lanyards with your print is a useful, cheap business accessory that allows you to promote your company. How to choose a perfect advertising lanyard?

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