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Najlepsze gadżety reklamowe dla firm na konferencje, eventy i wydarzenia. Mozliwość pełnej personalizacji.

There are many advertising gadgets to promote your business successfully. The possibility of decorating them with personalized prints, logos, slogans, or other graphic designs, allows you to use them to gain the interest of new customers. Despite their diversity, promotional items can be divided into several basic types. Get to know the best products to promote your company and see what their greatest advantages are.

The best products to promote your company

1. Advertising lanyards

Smycze reklamowe z nadrukiem

Advertising lanyards are products that are perfect for trade fairs, industry conferences, and other business events. It is a minimalist and stylish accessory that goes well with the corporate outfit. As a result, printed lanyards are an important element of the identity of a modern company. They contribute to creating an impression of professionalism both inside and outside the company.

2. Wristbands

Opaski na rękę z nadrukiem

Wristbands are a discreet clothing accessory that allows you to diversify your style. The possibility of placing your own print on its surface transforms the wristband into the original advertising medium. Paper, fabric, or silicone wristbands are perfect for the office or workplace. By allowing for quick and convenient grouping of participants of events, they foster effective organization.

3. Hygiene products

Danger of infection of the virus coronavirus infection. Businesswoman in medical mask at office on window background.

The use of high-quality hygiene products is not only a way to stay healthy, but also an expression of concern for the immediate surroundings. Importantly, they are great for promoting the company. The possibility of placing a company logo or other graphic pattern on them, gives the hygiene products opportunity of increasing brand awareness. Additionally, they will help to keep the workplace safe. A lanyard with a hand sanitizer gel container, a face mask with print or information stickers also greatly contribute to everyday comfort.

4. Clothing with prints

Odzież z nadrukiem

Clothing with prints is an important element of the visual identification of a modern brand. Multifunctional scarves, bandanas, scarves, vests, T-shirts, and hoodies with the logo evoke the impression of professionalism and internal integrity. Company shirts, tags, braces, bags, backpacks, or caps with logo are perfect gifts for employees, business partners, and customers. Decorating them with self-prepared photos or graphics makes them look unique.

5. Office supplies

Artykuły biurowe z nadrukiem

Office supplies are everyday products that have a number of practical applications. These are the necessary elements of equipment for every company. Functionality, small size, and low production costs make office supplies perfect for the effective promotion of the company. Keyrings, pendants, badges, or pens with the company logo are useful accessories that can be given to employees or added to an order. Since they will remain in use for a long time, they will allow you to reach many people with your advertising messages.

6. Home accessories

Akcesoria do domu z nadrukiem

Home decorations with personalized prints, graphic patterns, or photos from a private archive are a ready recipe for a unique interior design. Thanks to them, the interior of any room acquires a unique character, fully matching the personality of the owners. Home accessories are also a great idea for original gifts. Cardboard packaging, plastic containers, and microfiber cloths, satin ribbons, towels, or pillowcases are not only decorative, but also very practical. These are products that definitely contribute to everyday comfort.

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