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Multifunctional scarf


The multifunctional scarf

Can be used during changing weather conditions in spring/autumn. Useful for everyday life and during sports. You can wear it in many ways, e.g. as a scarf, a hat, a wristband or a headband.

The product is made of 130gsm polyester, which shows high strength and flexibility. Easy to maintain, can be washed  in washing machine.

People who play sports every day will especially appreciate it. Use the scarf while running, cycling, hiking, skiing or during any kind of exercise. Due to its lightness and size, it can be easily hidden in a backpack or a pocket. Those who travel recreationally and for work and don’t want to wear thick scarves will also gladly use the product. As a scarf, it will protect you against the wind, e.g. when riding a motorcycle.

We offer a scarf with client’s individual design. We use the sublimation printing method. For the project, client can provide us only a logo (then we will decide on the color of the background toghether) or a graphic that will cover the entire surface of the scarf.

Product features:

  • Size: 47cm x 24cm
  • Material: 130 gsm polyester
  • Print: sublimation


Additional accessories:

Self-adhesive strip modeling the shape of the multifunctional scarf.

The solution to one of the scarf’s biggest problem: slipping off the face and nose. The strap sticks to the outside of the material for comfortable wearing. Its flexibility enables easy modeling and adjustment to the shape of the face. Strong glue ensures the durability of the strip on the material.

  • Aluminum
  • Size: 0.5 x 5 x 90 mmcustom


Minimum order

10 pcs

Production time

5 days